Language film @ the Margaret Mead Film Festival

Please join us at the Margaret Mead Film Festival on Nov 12 to watch a great new film on Jesse Littledoe’s (MacArthur grant winning) work on the revitalization of the Wampanoag language. Hope to see you all there!

We Still Live Here (Âs Natayuneân)

Anne Makepeace

2010 · 56 min · United States

Filmmaker in Person · New York Festival Premiere

 Saturday · November 12 · 3:30 PM · Kaufmann Theater

Hyannis. Narragansett. Sippewisset. Shawmut. Chappaquiddick. Algonquin. These names litter the signposts of New England and are spoken with little thought to their origins. For Native Americans, these words are all that remain of languages that once rang out across the Massachusetts seaboard. Anne Makepeace, director of Coming to Light (2000) about Edward S. Curtis’s photography of western tribes, follows Martha’s Vineyard islander Jesse Littledoe Baird, who was called by a vision to return the Wampanoag language to its people. Baird reconstructs it using the only tools available, a Bible translated into Wampanoag by the British missionary John Eliot and official deeds, letters, and petitions of the colonial era, which form a collective history of how the tribe’s land and culture were stolen in the first place. Laced with evocative silhouette animation, We Still Live Here shows how the Wampanoag people have resurrected a part of their culture with the very devices once used to defeat it.

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