A great month

It has been a hectic few weeks. The revitalization symposium was a success, featuring really great speakers in addition to some very powerful performances by the Māori contingent. ELA was a proud “little sibling” among the other sponsors, CUNY, AUT and the Smithsonian Museum for the American Indian. We are very much looking forward to seeing what Robert Pouwhare and his team produce from all the footage.

Our Mexican language event at El Museo del Barrio last week was also a great success with an amazing set of performances and a very nice turnout (see pictures below). (Also, probably the first time ever that linguists have taken the stage together with modern dancers.) We are hoping to build on last Sunday’s momentum to make it an annual event!

Now we are on to our next big thing…a two week language documentation workshop in East Indonesia in conjunction with the Unit Bahasa dan Budaya in Kupang. Details to come!